Terms & Conditions

ATLANTIC HOUSE, THE LIZARD: Terms and Conditions

 A: Reservations

  1. Reservations can only be guaranteed after payment of the deposit. A non-refundable deposit of the cost of the first night is required when booking; for a stay of only one night we ask for payment in full please. We accept debit cards and most major credit cards for deposits; we are unable to accept American Express cards (see note 1). In emergency we can accept cheques, which should be made payable to ‘Mrs J Edwards’ to be received within three days of booking. The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the total. The balance is payable on arrival, by card or cash (in sterling), and is non-refundable.
  1. When making a reservation both the guest and Atlantic House enter into a legally binding contract. In the case of a verbal reservation, a non-refundable deposit is required immediately by credit or debit card.
  1. The contract is between Atlantic House and the person who made the booking. If the booking is made by a third party or an agency, the full payment must be made before the date of arrival, and that third party or agency would be liable in the case of cancellation or failure to arrive. This also applies to a reservation made by one party for more than one room, when the extra room(s) then are not occupied.
  1. In the case of a general enquiry by prospective guests, we can hold room(s) by ‘blocking out’ the dates for a maximum of 24 hours for a decision to be made and a deposit paid; the room(s) will then be released back into general circulation if the reservation is not confirmed by paying a deposit. This applies only at our discretion and relating to slacker times of the year; we will not hold rooms or ‘block out’ dates for busier times.
  1. Prices are shown per double room per night, and include breakfast for two people. Single occupancy of a room reduces the room rate by £10 per night for any room.
  1. The minimum length of stay is two nights under normal circumstances. Single-night reservations are accepted entirely at our discretion, where the correct circumstances exist, and normally attract a surcharge of £10 (see note 2).
  1. Variations in either direction in the room rate between the time of booking and the reservation itself shall not affect the price already established for that reservation.
  2. If the length of a stay is reduced to one night, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without reimbursement.
  3. We do not accept ‘hen’ or ‘stag’ party bookings. Reservations for large group bookings, whether or not of same sex, may be accepted at our discretion.

B: Cancellation Policy

  1. In the event of cancellation or failure to arrive we will endeavour to re-book the room. If we cannot re-book the room there will be a charge of 90% of the balance owing (see note 3). The deposit (equal to the cost of the first night) is non-refundable, as in A1 above.
  1. All cancellations must be in writing by letter or email.
  1. We cannot give a reduction for temporary absence or breakfast(s) not taken. A refund for early departure will only be given if we are able to re-let the accommodation for the relevant night(s).
  1. Holiday Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended (see note 4).

C: Non-availability of accommodation

  1. In the event that your accommodation becomes unavailable for any reason, we shall refund all monies paid by you to us relating to your stay at Atlantic House; our liability would not extend beyond this refund.

D: Arrival & Departure Times

  1. Normal arrival time is between 4.00 and 6.00 pm; we are not available before 4pm or after 6pm. We should be grateful if you would tell us if you are delayed. Arrivals before 4.00 or after 6.00pm are by agreement only (see note 5).
  1. During their stay, guests are welcome to remain in their lovely room as much as they wish, but guests are requested to vacate the room on day of departure by 10.30am please.
  1. Parking is in the quiet lane outside the house. Full details will be sent to guests ten days before their arrival, or at the time of booking if that is less than ten days before arrival.

E: General

  1. Children over the age of 16 years are very welcome, but there must be at least one adult aged 18 or over in each room.
  1. We regret that we cannot accommodate pets of any description. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions also constitutes acceptance of the fact that we have two cats, who are not allowed into the guest bedrooms, and that every effort is made to clean the public areas of the house daily.
  1. If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies please inform us at time of booking and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.
  1. No reduction in the room rate will be given for breakfast(s) not taken.
  1. We provide soft down top pillows and soft hypo-allergenic bottom pillows as standard, but if you would prefer a different pillow arrangement please ask.
  1. For the comfort of our guests and ourselves, smoking, including e-cigarettes, ‘vapes’ or other substitutesand any form of recreational drugs are not permitted anywhere on our property, indoors or outdoors. Guests failing to respect this rule will be asked to leave immediately with their booking being terminated and without us being liable for any refund or compensation.
  2. We shall not be held liable under any circumstance or in any manner in the case of disturbance from any external source(s) beyond our control.

F: Premises and Equipment

  1. We reserve the right to make a charge for damage to the room and/or equipment and/or exceptional cleaning. This charge will include the full cost of the room for each period of 24 hours that it is rendered unusable and causes loss of income (see note 6).
  2. Deficiencies in, or maintenance of, the house or its contents, and/or rectification thereof, shall not be deemed to constitute any financial liability on our part.

G: Food in bedrooms

  1. Please note that preparation and/or consumption of food (other than biscuits etc) in our lovely bedrooms is not permitted. If this is a problem, please speak to us about it. We will gladly give you the use of the Dining Room and provide crockery, cutlery and napkins, free of charge, as desired, for the consumption of take-away food. We will also wash up for you. We do not have the facilities for self-catering. (see note 7).

H: Safety and Security

  1. We have a full fire alarm system to level L2, regularly tested and annually maintained, as are the various extinguishers and fire doors. This is more comprehensive than we are required to have for an establishment of this size. Nevertheless, guests are asked not to light candles or use naked flames, or do anything which might cause risk of fire or injury to themselves or to others or to property.
  1. When leaving the property or returning to it, please make sure that the middle front door (the one with the Yale lock) is properly closed. Please also ensure that the keys issued to you on arrival are kept in your possession at all times when out of the house, until the time of your departure when they must be handed back to us.
  1. In the event of guests losing our keys, we shall charge a minimum of £60, to be paid before departure, to cover the cost of replacing the front door lock and cutting several keys for it, and cutting a new room key. No refund will be given if the keys are later found, if the costs referred to above have already been paid out.
  1. Please note that we are unable to take responsibility for the security of guests’ valuable or belongings, whether in the house or in your vehicle, beyond the very limited constraints of the Hotel Proprietors’ Act of 1956.
  2. Storage of luggage is available before arrival and/or after departure, but we are not liable for loss or damage during such storage.

I: Lost property

  1. If we find any lost property which has not already been claimed by its owner, we shall make every reasonable effort to contact the owner, but if we are unable to do so or it is not reclaimed within a month it will be disposed of. If a guest wishes an item of lost property to be returned by post, the cost of postage, plus a charge of £5.00, will be payable by the guest in advance of posting (see note 8).

J: Behaviour of guests

  1. We reserve the right to judge acceptable levels of noise or behaviour of guests. Unacceptable behaviour which is not suitably modified may result in guests being asked to leave immediately with their booking being terminated and without us being liable for any refund or compensation (see note 9).
  2. We have neither the facilities nor the insurance for people other than our known paying guests to use the rooms of our home or their contents, or any other part of our property.

K: Data protection

  1. We hold your enquiry and booking information on computer and on paper. We use this information to maintain proper records and financial information and for our own occasional e-mail newsletter purposes; we never pass or sell this information to any other organisation or third party.

L: Disabled Access

  1. Please see the ‘Access Statement’ section of our website.


Explanatory Notes 

  1. We do not apply a surcharge when taking credit or debit card payments, although we obviously prefer debit cards as the cost to us is less, and prefer cash even more as the cost to us is zero!
  1. Single-night reservations can only be booked by telephone or email; the computer on-line booking system is only able to deal with reservations of two or more nights. 
  1. This takes account of breakfast and hospitality and toiletry items not consumed and laundry not needing to be done. We do not employ any staff, and we do all our own laundry, cleaning and cooking. Therefore any cancelled reservation would not preclude such direct costs, since they would not exist. Atlantic House is not an hotel or a large business; it is our family home, producing nearly all of our income. Cancelled bookings which are not re-filled are therefore damaging to our family finances.
  1. Holiday cancellation insurance is very inexpensive, and easy to obtain. In the event of an unforeseen situation entailing cancellation of your planned holiday, it would cover the cost of your deposit, other financial liabilities, and the remaining cost of your holiday including any incidentals (e.g. train fares) already paid. Please think very seriously about taking out holiday cancellation insurance, however unlikely you think any cancellation might be, as we are unable to waive the above cancellation conditions. 
  1. If you anticipate a necessity (as opposed to a choice) to arrive before 4.00 pm or after 6.00 pm, please discuss this with us before placing your reservation. This is our family home, in common with many other similar small establishments, and we have other commitments like any other family, including elderly infirm family members living elsewhere. We do not have staff on a Reception Desk working shifts and going home; we do not even have a Reception Desk. Atlantic House is a private home which lets three lovely rooms – it is not an hotel; therefore expecting unilaterally to arrive outside the above times is both regrettable and unkind. Genuine emergencies are of course a different matter. 
  1. Please take care with our accommodation and property; you are responsible for and liable for any breakages or damage which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Please report any mishaps to us as soon as they occur, so that we can deal with it effectively rather than discovering it later when it’s harder to cope with. We do not normally charge for minor mishaps, but would need to do so in the case of repairs or making good any significant damage or breakage. In the case of non-repairable damage, and missing or soiled items, we shall need to charge the full new replacement cost. We can deal with most laundry requirements ourselves, but certain items, such as the super-king-size silk duvet in the Caerthillian Room, can only be professionally cleaned, for which we would have to charge if it is soiled. 
  1. This is based on the assumption that guests would not normally prepare or eat greasy, potentially damaging, food in their own bedrooms at home; we certainly do not. Spillages on bedding, crumbs and greasy marks trodden into the carpets, greasy hand prints on surfaces and handles etc all result in huge extra cleaning work for Janet, whose aim is always to try to keep the rooms looking as gorgeous as when guests have arrived. We will have to charge you for any dry cleaning or specialist cleaning/rectification bills. Thank you for respecting this; choosing to ignore it makes Janet especially sad, on the rare occasions when it has happened. We are not insured for guests to use our kitchen facilities.
  1. This is because we have previously posted items to guests on trust, and been disappointed and left out of pocket. The £5.00 charge relates to our time spent on the matter.
  1. We stress that we have never had to invoke this, and that we hope we never have to, being an establishment where traditional British gentility is paramount.