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Atlantic House, The Lizard

Covid 19 Risk Assessment: Precautions and Procedures July 2020

Nothing in this document should detract from our guests having a lovely and relaxing experience at Atlantic House. These precautions are necessary but we intend to operate them with common sense and our usual good humour. If anything has been omitted, Michael will blame Janet.

Greeting, farewell, general conversation

No shaking hands or other physical contact. Owners and guests should try to remain apart from each other by the current stipulated minimum distance (39.37 inches at the time of writing).

Guests’ luggage

Guests will need to handle their own luggage at all times, unless they specifically request assistance from the owners, in which case we shall disinfect our hands immediately before and afterwards.

The invoice for payment of the balance

Will be placed on the guests’ bed in advance. As usual, this is due to be paid on the day of arrival.

Payment of the balance

If not paid in cash, the card terminal in the hall will be used. To prevent having to use a wet disinfectant wipe on the electrical machine, guests will be asked to enter their PIN using a purple soft-ended prodder stick, which will be disinfected each time. Janet or Michael will use a white one.

Guests’ entry and exit

We ask all guests to use the hand sanitiser, in the hall by the telephone and card machine, every time they enter or leave the house. There is also a hand sanitiser in each guest room and on the guests’ landing; we ask guests to use this before coming down to breakfast.

Number of rooms available

For July 2020 we shall operate on one room only. This will be reviewed later; we shall be unlikely to operate all 3 rooms for quite a long while, but we shall operate on 2 rooms when we consider it appropriate. The other room(s) will be ‘blocked out’ on the computer system for the relevant dates.

Breakfast times

When only one room is in use, we shall agree with our guests in advance a time of arrival for their breakfast. If 2 rooms are occupied, we shall welcome guests for breakfast at any time between 0830 and 0930 as usual, but with altered procedures as below.


Our large table allows at least the required minimum of 39.37 inches between families.

Menu holders, Dining Room chairs, table mats and toast rack(s) will be washed and/or disinfected after each use.

Breakfast buffet on the sideboard will consist of the usual items, i.e. Weetabix, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Nestlé Bite size Shredded Wheat, Tesco Super-berry granola, Tesco 50% fruit muesli, natural Greek yoghurt, fruit compote, fresh fruit salad, fresh strawberries; the buffet will operate as usual when only one room is in use, with the Kilner jars for cereals being disinfected daily. When 2 rooms are in use, the cereals will be served from the kitchen, but the fresh items will still be on the sideboard, with dedicated named serving cutlery for each room’s use.

Cooked breakfasts, and all items brought to order from then kitchen will be brought on a tray and placed on the sideboard or a nearby occasional table for guests to take for themselves.

Cooked items, including porridge and hot and cold drinks, will be served in the usual way when they have been cooked from fresh after the order has been taken.

Lazy Susan contents i.e. home-made jams and marmalade in open mini-tureens, local creamed honey, brown sugar cubes, white granulated sugar, Heinz tomato ketchup, HP sauce, cruets, squeezy marmite jar, squeezy honey bottle, sweetex, tube of Colman’s mustard – will be emptied, discarded, and/or cleaned as appropriate every day. When 2 rooms are in operation, the Lazy Susan will not be on the table; each set of guests will be provided with their own such items.

Crockery, cutlery, glassware, jug(s) will be washed every time, even if they appear to be unused.

Butters will still be in individual domed dishes as usual, but will be emptied and cleaned every day even if not used.

Toast will be provided from home-made bread as usual.

Linen: the tablecloth will be changed when soiled, as usual; napkins will be changed or refreshed daily.

Cream Tea on arrival (which we offer to guests staying for 3 or more nights, and arriving by 5pm)

Crockery, cutlery, jug, sugar bowl, tray, jam and cream dishes to be washed each time.

Left-over cream and jam will be discarded.

Sweetex dispenser to be disinfected each time.

Doily on tray will be discarded.

Guest rooms and other matters pertaining to the domain of guests

Landing fridge door to be disinfected daily.

Milk bottle in the landing fridge will be washed as usual once the bottle is empty. If more than one room is in use, milk bottle will be clearly labelled with the name of the guests and /or their room.

Room files (information folders) and complimentary toiletry supplies will be disinfected at the same time as the room is serviced (see below)

Supply of refreshment items on the hospitality tray the usual ‘starting’ amount will be provided. Additional supplies will be provided on request and placed outside the relevant door; we shall ask about this each morning. Unused sachets/packets will be discarded if they cannot be disinfected.

Servicing and cleaning of guest rooms and bathrooms will not happen daily as one would normally expect. A full lengthy deep clean will take place, wearing personal protection, at the end of a reservation only, and we shall not normally enter guest rooms during their stay.

TV remote controller and window handles will be disinfected at each cleaning session.

Towels will be changed after each shorter stay as usual, or after 3 or 4 days of a longer stay if requested; towels will be placed outside the door.

Curtains We shall only handle these wearing gloves.

Bedding will normally be changed only at the end of each stay.


Door handles in public areas (Porch, front door, inner porch, Dining Room, Guest rooms) will be disinfected daily.

Masks and surgical gloves Guests may wear these if they wish (although a mask at breakfast could be a little impractical). We shall wear them when we consider it appropriate to do so.

Menu holder on the guests’ landing, and any breakfast ‘specials’ notification holders will be disinfected daily.

Atlantic House Lizard Bed & Breakfast

We pride ourselves on offering a tranquil environment for our guests, and as such we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 16 in the usual course of events. Our inspirational location is a place to relax, indulge, unite with your inner self, spend quality time with your loved one, and let the salty sea air of Cornwall wash away the stress of modern life. We love children, but we are pleased to offer an adults-only environment at Atlantic House for our Bed and Breakfast guests.